Tarsier Oriental Pink Gin

Inspired by the tropical rainforests of Indonesia, the orchards of the Mekong Delta, the floating markets of Thailand and the fruit carts of Malaysia; Tarsier Oriental Pink Gin is bursting with the floral notes of red dragon fruit, the sweetness of lychee and the tartness of raspberry. The raspberry and red dragonfruit are vacuum distilled to extract the fresh and fruity notes of these delicate fruits. These are then blended into a gin base distilled with Philippine calamansi and Vietnamese galangal along with 6 other traditional gin botanicals that have been macerated for 18 hours prior to distillation. The gin is then infused with natural flavours of raspberry and lychee to provide a fresh, balanced and punchy flavour. Only hearts of the distillate are collected, discarding the often re-used heads and tails to ensure each batch is as pure as the last. Once the flavour is just right, we fill, label and cork each bottle by hand. Containing 90% less sugar than leading brands, Tarsier Oriental Pink Gin is a modern and classy take on the pink gin evoking the fresh fruit platters of Southeast Asia

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

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