Nordes Gin

Nordés Gin is a popular Spanish gin produced by Atlantic Galician Spirits. Nordés Gin hails from the region of Galicia in northwest Spain. It draws inspiration from the Atlantic climate and local botanicals. The gin is known for its unique botanical blend, which includes Albariño grape, hibiscus, licorice, ginger, and juniper, among others. The use of Albariño grape is particularly distinctive and contributes to the gin’s character.

Nordés Gin is often described as a fresh and aromatic gin with floral and citrus notes. The Albariño grape imparts a certain sweetness and complexity to the flavor. The bottle design of Nordés Gin is notable, featuring a sleek and modern aesthetic. It is often recommended to enjoy Nordés Gin in a classic gin and tonic, garnished with a grape or a twist of lemon peel to enhance its citrus notes.

Country of Origin: Spain

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