Anveeksha Jain

Anveeksha Tripathi

Operations & Marketing Director

Anveeksha is an Organizational Strategist with over 15 years of experience, Organizational Psychologist and a Senior Mediator for organizations. She has worked with Various Organizations for their Operations, Branding, International Collaborations and Partnerships.

Her expertise lies in the areas of leading and simplifying operational activities, Building Brand Values, creating brand visibility, developing marketing Strategies, Creating opportunities for new alliances and partnerships and leading teams towards accountability and target accomplishments. In her previous stints, she has worked with various MNC’s such as British Airways, Air Canada, Dabur group and many more.

Anveeksha has pursued the Women Leadership Programme from Oxford University, London and also holds double Masters’ degrees in Business Administration (OB & HR) from FORE School of Management, Delhi and in Psychology. She also holds a graduate degree from Delhi University.