Love K Jain


Group MD & CEO

Love K. Jain is the young, dynamic and passionate leader of the group. He has been a successful serial entrepreneur in this field. Within a short span he has successfully built this group and his other companies from ground up. What started as a small company fueled by passion, grit, determination, hard work and ethics has now become a group which clocks an annual revenue of almost Rupees 800 Million.

He is an expert on expanding operations especially in BIO (Bottled-In-Origin) brands by ensuring realistic business forecasting and sales management. Love is a highly analytical and sought-after marketers and distributors in the premium liquor space. He has always successfully addressed a highly profitable customer base segment with his relentless focus on quality.

Love graduated from the reputable Delhi University with a Bachelor in Commerce and completed his Business Management from the top business institute, FORE School of Management, Delhi. His passion for wines also made him pursue the course from the prestigious Wine and Spirits Education Trust from London.